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The free spirit of Chopard jewellery

Established in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the manufacture ended up specialising in jewellery when acquired by the Scheufele family, that still own the brand. Similar to the centenary Torres Joalheiros, Chopard House is made of vivacious passions and the balance between the respect for traditions and the ability to take calculated risks.


The House and collections with a big heart

Happy Hearts and Happy Diamonds creations are playful, audacious, cheerful and filled with histories that mirror the true colours of Chopard’s jewellery pieces.

With their iconic dancing diamonds gently moving between two sapphire crystals, they symbolise the authentic Joie de Vivre and a truly free spirit.


A eulogy to modern achievers

The IMPERIALE collection dazzles with the richness, fragility and elegance of its details and lines. Eminently feminine, it pays homage to modern-day empresses with a conquering spirit.


Minimalistic elegance

The geometric design of the Ice Cube collection matches urban elegance and modernity. With their perfectly square facets and their infinite shimmers of light, the creations inspired by icy blocks embody style, sophistication and glamour.


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