Serafino Consoli: Italian Versatility of multisize jewels Torres Joalheiros

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Serafino Consoli:
Italian Versatility

When there is passion and dedication, everything reaches a new dimension – Serafino Consoli luxurious world is the perfect example. The love for art and design are an integrating part of the creative process of the Italian brand, that was established in 1959 and has been revolutionizing the jewellery world ever since.

The experimental and innovative character of Serafino Consoli is highly important for Torres Joalheiros since 2013, presenting collections with versatile jewels that can change form, adapting its style to every occasion and every person.

BREVETTO Collection

The Brevetto collection blends metals and precious stones with an intelligent technology that creates pieces that are simple to use but complex to make – each product contains thousands of solder points and more than a hundred components. The unique pieces can change its shape and size, fitting the desire and preference of the person who wears it through a simple movement.


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