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Wedding gift list

Everything you have always dreamed of, in a flexible and easy way

The wedding gift list is chosen by the grooms and tailored specifically for them: from the engagement ring to the wedding rings, from the wrist watch to the pen that will officiate the marriage, from the silver frame that perpetuates one of the most important moments of every couple to the elegant silverware and crystal cruet that make every table seem more complete, from the platters or even from the sophisticated chandeliers to the handmade tea and coffee sets, the options are endless.

The service we offer is all about making it less complicated: the grooms receive what they really need and the guests are able to offer the perfect gift.


  • Make an appointment at one of our stores with your fiancé;
  • A consultant will help you select the silverware available, from cutlery to table decoration;
  • We create your wedding gift list and share it with your guests and family;
  • We welcome and help your guests in choosing the right gift;
  • Regarding cutlery with several pieces, each guest will have the possibility to offer the number of pieces according to the amount they want to spend;
  • Items purchased by guests can be transported by themselves or delivered to the bride and groom by Torres Joalheiros staff;
  • We keep your list up to date (products already purchased, available and exchanges);
  • If they prefer, guests can also choose to offer a Gift Card.



We appreciate for your interest in Torres Joalheiros products and services. One of our team staff will be reviewing your request and will send you a response as soon as possible.

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Wedding gift list


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