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Wedding: A symbol of love

Torres Joalheiros is, since the very beginning, a family company. For that reason, the brand considers of extreme importance to help making the moments of every family even more special: whether it is to celebrate a wedding, a birth or an anniversary. With Torres Joalheiros you could make your wedding unforgettable – a one of a kind – due to our personal services that make the customization and design of wedding and engagement rings.

Visit us to create a remarkable piece that uniquely reflects your love.

Create the engagement ring of your dreams

Torres Joalheiros can assist you in creating and personalizing your engagement ring and your wedding ring. More than a simple choice, it is about granting you the opportunity to experience every step towards your special day. We are happy to make your dreams come true.

Visit one of our stores and choose what better suits your needs: a unique ring designed especially for you or a solitaire ring customized according to your personality. Make an appointment at one of our stores.



Wedding gift list

We want to be by your side and help making every moment perfect. For that reason, we offer the opportunity to create a wedding gift list.

We are always available to share the list with your closed ones and always prepared to receive the requests in every mean available, it being online or through the phone. And if you have any doubts or concerns, we will be there to help.

Visit one of our stores and experience our personalized services and premium assistance since day one – we will help creating a list that suits your desires and welcome your guests in our stores.




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Wedding: A symbol of love


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